Unlimited SSD web hosting from BitronicTech has launched! There of course has to be a hardware limit. However for most users (99.9%) unlimited hosting can be just that, unlimited. Solid state drive is fast becoming the standard in the web hosting industry. Starting February 1st, BitronicTech is now offering unlimited web hosting backed by SSD and LSI Megaraid controllers in Supermicro servers. This is a logical way to improve our already lightning fast varnish hosting. All of our existing hosting users have already been switched to this hosting package.

We are offering this unlimited SSD web hosting at a great price: $6.99 per month or $69.99 a year. If you need a dedicated IP it's only an additional $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. It's the same pricing as our previous small business web hosting package, but it's unlimited and supports up to 10 websites per account. We will also be making the switch to MariaDB 10 from MySQL 5.6. This, combined with the SSD will provide outstanding database speed. CloudLinux and Varnish are awesome, and will work even better on the new hardware.

We also have a managed WordPress hosting stack in the works which you can read a bit about here.

Not only can you get unlimited hosting for a great price. BitronicTech is now offering a free domain and hosting when you buy 1 year of web hosting. Here at BitronicTech we are making some improvements to our shared hosting stack. One thing that will continue is the deal we have always had for a free domain name with hosting for 1 year at only $69.99. What we will also be giving you is: unlimited space, bandwidth and up to 10 websites for one low price. Getting a free domain and hosting with cPanel will be easier than ever.

BitronicTech hosting will also be making the move to use SSD RAID10, yielding IO speeds up to 1.1GBPS. This will be a revolutionary improvement to our shared hosting which already includes cPanel, Varnish, CloudFlare, Softaculous and much more. The new SSD hosting plans will replace the old ones on February 1st. Existing customers have the option to switch or remain with their present plans, as mentioned in the last article.

Starting February 1st, getting a free domain and hosting made for you will be easier than ever. Things are going well in our new data center. The move over to in-house infrastructure has allowed us to make serious performance gains while still keeping the price very affordable. Unlimited SSD hosting hosted on enterprise grade servers with a tuned and manged software stack for only $6.99 per month is a great deal. Add in the fact that it's only $69.99 per year for a free domain and hosting, you can't go wrong. Look out for our latest deals and updates here in the announcements section. You can see all of our shared hosting options here.

Varnish cache, PHP-FCGI, CloudLinux, MariaDB 10.0 and many other pieces of great software set our hosting stack apart from the rest. We will be posting benchmarks to compare our present hosting stack against the one we are now releasing. We'll also do some load speed tests against other hosts and see who fares better.

BitronicTech is adding mod_pagespeed to our shared hosting stack on February 10th. We are also making some other changes and even giving away free domain names. Google PageSpeed is a module for Apache and Nginx that optimizes delivery of static assets like CSS, JS and images. It decreases web page latency and reduces bandwidth use. This provides a better overall user experience, resulting in more conversions.

What this means for our customers is faster, more optimized transfers and lower bounce rates. BitronicTech hosting is tuned for optimal speed and reliability. We have been testing mod_pagespeed with Apache 2.4 and MariaDB 10.0 for the new cPanel hosting stack we are releasing. This stack is going to give cutting edge performance to our hosting customers. We had originally targeted launch for the 1st of February, but the launch has now been moved to the 10th.

We will be posting comparison benchmarks in our next update. We've put alot of time into this new shared hosting stack to make it some of the fastest, most reliable shared hosting available.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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