We are aware of a colocation outage in our Atlanta Datacenter. This effects both OpenVZ services, and cPanel services that reside in that location.

We are still investigating the issue, and at present, have no ETA on when the service will be back up


Update - 2019-10-01 9:16AM PST

We have received a report that the switch in Atlanta is fried, so we will be sending out a replacement switch.


Update - 2019-10-01 1:30PM PST

After working with the datacenter, it has been reported that there is a hardware fault. As a result, we will be shipping out a replacement overnight, and should have the hardware fault replaced in the next 24~48 hours


Update - 2019-10-02 5:43PM PST

Atlanta Update: The replacement hardware is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but no on hands personnel will be available to install the replacement hardware until saturday 2019-10-05. We will update this if there is a cancellation, and it can be worked on earlier than that.


Update - 2019-10-05 9:15PM PST

There has been an issue with the remote hands in obtaining access to the replacement hardware. We are working with Cogent and FDC to resolve this situation, and schedule a new time for remote hands to perform the installation. No new ETA has been scheduled, due to access issues.


Update - 2019-10-06 10:51AM PST

We are working directly with Cogent, now, in regards to getting this issue resolved. Our switch is not accessibly by remote hands until Monday due to internal security measures. As a result, remote hands will not be able to perform the switch replacement until Monday. 2019-10-07 (October 7th)


Update - 2019-10-07 12:45PM PST

Almost all services restored. Switch has been replaced, and all hardware has come back online, except for the OpenVZ HDD service in Atlanta. We are still troubleshooting the issue, and may have to ship our a replacement powersupply as a result. TCAdmin is online, and all OpenVZ SSD services are back online. cPanel services have not been restored yet.


Update - 2019-10-11 8:30AM PST

Remote hands is scheduled for 2019-10-12, to perform maintenance on the last offline server, and is scheduled to restore service to both OpenVZ HDD and our cPanel server.


Update - 2019-10-11 11:48AM PST

All services have been restored and brought back online. Please open a ticket if you are having any issues accessing your service

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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