Introducing the 30 Day Free Web Hosting Trial!

We often get requests for a free web hosting trial before signup. That is why we have opened up all of our shared hosting for free trials. Are you looking for better hosting? Want to start a new website? Check out the 30 day free web hosting trial from Bitronic Technologies. Get powerful web hosting that is simple to use. Made for you with ... Read More »

30th Aug 2014
HTTPS is Now a Ranking Signal for Google SERPs

HTTPS is now a ranking signal. Google recently announced that is is calling for HTTPS everywhere on the web for increased privacy and security. Here at Bitronic Technologies we wholeheartedly agree. Our entire site now runs on SSL, and so should yours. If you are presently one of our hosting customers we'd like to help you make the switch with ... Read More »

28th Aug 2014
New Ubuntu Virtual Machine Options

Ubuntu virtual machines come in many types. Here at Bitronic we believe that better infrastucture and better service are the way to go. Our Ubuntu VPS run on Xen. Xen is a great kernel and lends itself well to Ubuntu. Our new Ubuntu virtual machine options for the fall are now available. We have doubled the RAM available on all of the packages. We ... Read More »

17th Aug 2014