BitronicTech is adding Mod_PageSpeed

BitronicTech is adding mod_pagespeed to our shared hosting stack on February 1st. We are also making some other changes and even giving away free domain names. Google PageSpeed is a module for Apache and Nginx that optimizes delivery of static assets like CSS, JS and images. It decreases web page latency and reduces bandwidth use. This provides a ... Read More »

29th Jan 2015
A Free Domain and Hosting That's Awesome

BitronicTech is now offering a free domain and hosting when you buy 1 year of web hosting. Here at BitronicTech we are making some improvements to our shared hosting stack. One thing that will continue is the deal we have always had for a free domain name with hosting for 1 year at only $69.99. What we will ... Read More »

18th Jan 2015
Bitronic Technologies to Offer Unlimited SSD Web Hosting

Unlimited SSD web hosting is an interesting concept, there of course has to be a hardware limit. However for most users (99.9%) unlimited hosting can be just that, unlimited. Solid state drive is fast becoming the standard in the web hosting industry. Starting February 1st, BitronicTech will be offering unlimited web hosting backed by SSD and LSI ... Read More »

16th Jan 2015